November 27, 2017
By ryanhu PLATINUM, West Windsor, New Jersey
ryanhu PLATINUM, West Windsor, New Jersey
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Pixar is one of the best animation studios, and they create some of the most popular films and movies in the past decade. Recently, they released a new movie, called Coco. Coco follows a young Mexican boy named Miguel, who lives with his large family in a cozy town. Since his great-great grandmother was abandoned by her husband due to music, his entire family has shunned music, and became shoemakers instead. However, Miguel loves music, and dreams of becoming one of the greatest musicians ever, such as his idol del la Cruz. His family does not allow him to do anything musical related, so Miguel decides to take matters into his own hands. He attempts to borrow del la Cruz’s guitar to perform at a talent show, which instead transports him to the Land of the Dead, where Miguel embarks on an adventure to find the truth about his family and return home. The movie has a unique storyline, and although it does not seem to be action packed, it does evoke a lot of emotions.

Going into the movie, I was expecting it to be quite good, considering it was by Pixar, but I wasn’t sure how much I would like it. It turned out, I loved it! First of all, the animations were terrific, which was to be expected as it was Pixar. Everything was smooth and colorful. My favorite scene was when Miguel entered the Land of the Dead, where you could see hundreds of buildings and people for miles around. Despite the fact it was animated, I was able to imagine that I was there, and the film felt real. The plot was absolutely amazing, with hilariously silly parts, serious parts, and sad parts, and had an amazing plot twist at the end that almost brought tears to my eyes. Everything about the storyline was great, and it was so emotional that I could feel what each character was experiencing. There is pretty much nothing I would change, and I enjoyed every second of the film. It definitely deserves the 96% and 9/10 ratings it received, and perhaps deserved even higher.

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