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November 26, 2017

Spider-man: Homecoming
Before I get to criticizing let me give you a little background info so get ready for spoilers. Spider-man: Homecoming is another spider man movie but it is not a sequel to the three original Spiderman movies featuring toby McGuire or the other Spiderman movies the two amazing Spiderman movies featuring Andrew Garfield. This is a new movie in the marvel universe. This new movie features tom Holland as Spiderman. This movie starts off years before the movie takes place the antagonist vulture worked in demolition/clean up. He had a big contract to destroy a ruined building complex that was destroyed by a war caused by the avengers. The contract was taken away by the government because of their superiors which is tony stark. Vulture then gets mad because he put a lot of money into the cleanup so he lost a lot of money because of that he stole some of the alien technology that they had to clean up and then years later he was running an illegal place that made and sold alien technology and weapons.
In the time of the movie Spiderman is a 15-year-old superhero. His age makes him have teenage problems such as having a crush. In the movie, he is fighting vulture in different battles which he ends up winning some and losing some. His age also causes him to have immaturity his main goal throughout this movie is to become an avenger and fight a long side iron man captain America etc. Characters such as flash Thompson give Spiderman maturity because flash Thompson bullies him and he is powerless to help himself because he chooses the right thing to do. Spider man is his allies when he is not fighting crime he is known as peter parker. Peter is a regular teenager who is full of insecurities, can be anti-social at times and can get to over confident when it comes to certain things. May Parker is his aunt and care taker she does not approve of violence and told peter if you see something like that you run the other way. What she ment Is if he says a superhero fighting someone he should run because things could get to dangerous. But she does not know that Peter is spiderman so that makes Peter want to lie to be able to Stay a superhero.
Everyone has an opinion and I’m about to give you mine. The movie was amazing. The actors acted very well every character in their or a person in the background added something to the mood. I also like that they used someone younger to portray the image of Spiderman. Another thin g I like is that they give him a father role/mentor. The mentor was Tony Stark/Iron Man. He gives Spiderman /Peter advice. That is something he has never had in other movies. The age rating in my opinion is correct because int the movie you see and hear some explicit thing but they are not to innapropriate but they are still meant to insult someone so PG-13 was a good age limit. There were not many bad words most pg-13 movies may have some and there was some explicit thing. If you’re a Parent you may want to read a review of the words used to determine if you wish to take your child. Like intevery action adventure movie there is always going to be sometype of violence there was only one death cause by a laser or disintegration. Overall it was an amazing movies allt he characters contributed to the development of the movie. There is plenty of violence but as the movie progresses you see him start to mature His final act of maturity was turning down being an avenger. he decided to turn it down because he was not ready because he was still to young but I expect he will return one day to claim his spot as an avenger. The directors had a lot of Easter eggs and references to other marvel movies and in the end, they leave us off with a cliff hanger being spidermans identity being in peril. Finally, I would recommend you watch this movie and anticipate a new one. Out of five stars I would give it a five.

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