Spider-Man Homecoming

November 25, 2017
By Tobit BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Tobit BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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It’s your friendly neighborhood movie reviewer here to tell you about a new movie called Spider-Man Homecoming which follows Peter Parker [A.K.A. Spider-Man] takin down a new supervillain but, by himself.                           
At the beginning we see Peter helping Tony Stark [A.K.A. Iron Man] with a bit of trouble. Then Peter asks when he will need help again and his replied [we’ll call you] but they never do. Peter goes on with his life anxious for the and bored at school which he acted pretty good considering he looks like an everyday kid at their school.
Even though he doesn’t help Tony Stark he still puts on his Spider-Man suit and the little things that he can around his home the Queens in New York. After a day of work fighting bike theirs and helping lost visitors asking for directions he a band of thieves with crazy powerful superhero technology weapons and he is defeated. He immediately tries to contact Stark but like, in reality, no one believes a kid. So, what does he do? He takes on the people producing the weapons alone.
After a while, his best [and only] friend Ned who found out his secret starts to help him. By this point, you can see that even though they don’t have that much experience they do well. During this, he just got a few small talks with Tony here and there. He is like a father figure to him and with his help, you can really see Peter grow as in a better hero. Peter then goes on to finally defeating the villain and you see all the way he has come.
So, in conclusion, I think that Spider-Man Homecoming is great movie and a perfect edition into the Spider-Man Movies series because you see how far that Peter has come and is a now turned into a great hero that can do many great things and has matured in the eyes of all the great heroes like the Avengers.

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