Air Buddies

November 24, 2017
By abigailcamila BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
abigailcamila BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Air buddies is a very entertaining movie in my opinion and I think its actually a really good movie to watch.  For example, the movie shows that dogs actually have feelings and that their almost like humans and I support that idea.       

Fernfield where everything is possible. Air buddy is a movie that includes 7 dogs, two kids, and two parents. The dogs Budderball, he loved to eat, b-dawg, he was ghetto and loved shiny things, rosebud, she was the only girl and cared about her brothers, buddha was the meditator and mud bud loved the mud.  Also, their parents called air buds. Their owners were Noah and his parents.It all started where air bud fell in love with the dog neighbor.

After a couple of days, they had five littles puppies. They were really playful golden retrievers. Air Bud was a sporty dog.

That could play every sport. One day he had a basketball game and the family got a baby sitter so that she could babysit the Puppies, she had brought a blueberry pie, what butterball loved. When their owners left the puppies wanted to go outside and play but the nanny didn’t let them, instead, they had to shower?. After that, she told them to take a nap, but they actually didn’t.

When the nanny fell asleep they tied her up so that they could play. But then butterball got on top of the counter to get the pie!!. They had made a mess. When their owners got back they decided it was time to give them to other people

They didn’t know there was someone trying to steal them when the puppies heard they were gonna be given away they Ran away. They didn’t go as far before the got stolen. Their parents went behind them to save them. And they did but then their parents got stolen. The puppies tried to look for them but they found them 2 days later. Then their actual owners saved them. Then the puppies Agreed with them going to different families.

They would still be able to see each other at the park. So they learned that running way from their troubles won't help to get What they want.

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