The Hunger Games

November 20, 2017
By Sydab BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Sydab BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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The Hunger Games in my opinion well cast but could’ve been better. There are many things I would change the movie.  But we’re here to talk about the things I loved about the movie.    

The rugged, in danger, on the edge of your seat feeling you get is wonderful. Katniss’s clever mind, and quick thinking is overwhelming. Katniss’s intelligence is mind-blowing when it comes to surviving in the so-called “wild”. How Katniss took 2 seconds to decide if she wanted to take her the sister’s(Primrose) spot in the Hunger Games is warming. Gales contribution in the movie could have been bigger in my opinion. I wish Gale would’ve fought harder for Katniss then he did. But, one emotion that Gale portrayed would have fought harder for Katniss took care of Petah in the Hunger Games.

Speaking of Petah, just like in Twilight, there has to be a Team Petah, & a Team Gale. Frankly, I am personally I am all for Team Petah. Petah’s roll in the movie is like a surprise party. You never know when one of Petah’s crazy mood’s will pop up. Some of his moods are the loving caring, scared, afraid, and certified. These characteristics of his take you down an emotional roller coaster all throughout the movie. Just like Ruth’s scenes do, but we will get into that later. The main reason Gale fans are on Team Gale is, that of one of Peeta's mistakes. In a flashback scene, Katniss remembers Petah throwing bread out to her, in her time of need. Yes, Petah could’ve brought the bread out to Katniss, but I think otherwise. I think that he has to someone he doesn't know. Thus making me a huge fan of Team Petah.

Now, let's go back to Ruth. Ruth during the Hunger Games for Katniss is like a little sister. I believe Katniss is missing her sister, and she is temporarily replacing Primrose with Ruth. The way she takes on a sisterly role immediately provides great evidence for my claim.

All in all, though the movie shows great emotion, and acting. Everything in the movie is well thought out, and I truly believe everyone should get a chance to see it. 

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