November 16, 2017
By Anonymous

WALL-E is a sentimental and sorrowful movie because of this Animated computer- called wall-e shows sympathetic feeling without uttering a word and the actions that wall-e took are actions that we understand. Understanding without saying a word because it's all about memories and what you went through, as in flashbacks the actions you took to do something good or bad. The creator that made “WALL-E” is the same creator that made “Toy Story”, “Monster Inc.” and “Finding Nemo”.  Andrew Stanton is the creator of these famous movies that got 90% through 94% percent of likes. All these movies show a point of view that will make you happy, dejected or have connections that you have been through in a way.


“WALL-E” the only robot that survived and created by humankind and programmed to think for itself to clean earth from the products mankind left behind (700 years ago is when mankind left off to space), also programmed to organize the trash by crushing it into cubes and putting it into stacks. Wall-e is a solar-powered robot with a cockroach friend that follows him everywhere unless if it's dangerous. When a storm starts to come in wall-e hides inside his small tractor-trailer that is organized with parts that he needs to survive, where wall-e plays his music video of people dancing in a romantic scene, where wall-e feel alone and where wall-e goes to rest and get ready for the next morning…. And just works a usual day.      


After being surrounded by trash for many years and nothing or no one to share with, wall-e finds a plant within a refrigerator, the ground is usually dry with no plants around to grow, wall-e gently grips the dirt around the plant and gently places it inside a boot. On the way back to his trailer with the plant inside a boot and the boot inside a cooler,  wall-e spotting a red dot beside him and stares at it for 1 sec and it starts to move. Wall-e starts to follow the red dot on the ground thinking is it's something he can pick up and take it home with him. Wall-e does not realize on the way following the dot there's more behind the one wall-e is following, wall-e realizes when the dot stops moving… wall-e reaches out for it to take it home but he realizes it was just a light getting closer and closer to grounds and the light that wall-e was following was the center of a landing point.


“WALL-E” in my opinion the movie is a great rising action that makes you want to see more and more. Wall-e makes me feel happy because in this movie it's all about what actions he took and why he took them. The movie “WALL-E” was made in 2008 and it was given an award in 2016 for the “Best Movie of the Decade”. When I see wall-e it just puts a smile on my face. Thanks for reading and make sure to watch “Wall-e” if you haven't seen it.

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