Halloween (1978)

November 16, 2017
By TaniaRuiz BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
TaniaRuiz BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
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Have you ever loved a movie or tv show so much you feel like you could talk about it for hours? Out of all the millions of movies that are written and directed, there only a handful of quality ones produced. As humans we use only about 10% or less of our brain. Some say according to which hand you are dominant with states that you use the opposite hemisphere of the brain. For example, if you are right handed you would use the left hemisphere of the brain and vice versa. Most people use their left hemisphere (as most are right handed) which uses reasoning, logic and math. Others that are left handed are thought to be more on the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is more of a creative and artistic side. We as humans mostly use the right hemisphere, but some are thought to be extremely creative and talented. Those who are talented are said to be a little bit on the right hemisphere. When you witness true art, you are usually impressed by what others can do. Writing is a beautiful way of self expression, especially when you turn it into a movie.


As a kid, i loved watching all types of movies. I like kid movies, syfy, and finally horror movies. It was strange that at a young age i developed a powerful connection to horror movies. I never knew why, i just loved watching that specific genre. I developed an attachment with a specific horror movie and it’s series. Halloween. I never knew why i felt so happy when i would watch it. It was strange that at a very young age, i enjoyed watching scary movies while other kids liked playing with toys. Halloween was the only movie that i would want to watch, all the other movies i refused to watch. This movie was such an impact on me. Even to this day, i watch the movie every halloween! I also just watch the series if i get bored. My dream job is to become a movie director/writer. When i think of the director of the movie halloween, i find him to be a very creative person. He is one who uses a little of his right hemisphere. I've always considered myself different than others, and i never knew there were others like me. Stephen king is practically an idle to me. I love his books and movies. It's a true passion i share with these famous directors.


Halloween (1978) scored a 93% on rotten tomatoes with an average rating of a 8.5/10. On rotten tomatoes that's a very high score. Its categorized under the genres horror, mystery and suspense. Halloween is said to be “the foundation to other horror movies”. I personally agree as it was the most watched movie of 1978. It gets compared to the movie psycho, as they both are horror movies put out around the same time. Halloween also created a legendary psychopath, named MIchael Myers. Michael was the protagonist in halloween. He Murdered his sister on halloween night, and got sent to a mental hospital. 15 years later he escapes the mental hospital and returns to his hometown in order to wreak havoc. I find that plot to be extremely interesting. The overall review of the movie halloween (1978) was a good, impressive review.


I find halloween to influence me a lot. It gives me hope to be successful and meet my goals of one day becoming like stephen king or john carpenter (director of halloween). I've always wanted to be as successful as them. I will work hard to get there, even if it takes a long time. I've connected the brain hemispheres with my favorite directors because, these directors use their right hemispheres when they created these interesting plots. Only someone talented can really come up with a superior plot like halloween. I see my future consisting of writing crazy plots, and starting to direct and produce my own movie. Because halloween has such a good review, i have faith that people can still make scary movies similar to it. The movies nowadays aren't as promising when it comes to true horror. I wanna be the person to change that. I want to bring the old with the new, as it should be.


In conclusion, i want to say that being creative is never a bad thing. As a kid i had been impacted by watching horror movies. It made me realize that's what i wanted to do as an adult. Halloween got an amazing review on rotten tomatoes to prove the greatness. I hope in the future i get to be like these directors, successful and humble.

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