Orange Is the New Black

November 21, 2017
By rachel4 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
rachel4 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Orange is the new black is a show that expresses Comedy, Romance, and a little gore. It describes the life of a female who went to prison on drug related charges named Piper. It’s a heart stopping show that will make you laugh, cry and say awe. People I know told me how amazing it is, so I decided to watch it. I’m glad I did.
The main character “Piper” goes to Litchfield federal prison because she used to be and associate to a drug dealer named Alex. Alex and Piper used to be lesbian lovers who traveled around the world with drugs. Before Piper went to prison she was on her way to getting married to Larry, and having a baby. Those plans were put on pause when she went to prison. Alex and Piper had an on and off relationship because they were always fighting about something. Later on in the episodes you find out that Alex turned Piper in so she can get time off of her sentence.
Another main character is Red Reznikov. Red is a ruthful, Russian criminal who went to prison for illegally selling things and working with the Russian mob. Red wasn’t always like this, she was nice and sweet until she first met the Russian mob and wanted to be in the inner circle. That is when she started doing all of these illegal things, but she did get to be a part of the inner circle with the Russian mob’s wives. The wives didn’t like red because she talked a lot, so they started to make up lies so red couldn’t come on their morning runs. One day Red finds out that they were lying she confronts them and ends up punching the head of the mobs wife boob which deflates it. The head of the mob gets mad because she just got the boob job done, which cost over 65,000 dollars. Red didn’t have the money so in order to not be in trouble she had to store bodies in her freezer. In Season 3 Red was caught smuggling contraband in for the inmates through Neptune’s produce which was owned by the Russian mob.
In Season 5 at Litchfield federal prison a riot starts in honor of Pousseys death. The African Americans wanted justice for her; they wanted to tell the world about what actually happened to her. The inmates take control of the prison and everybody in there. Piscatella wants to storm the prison but cant because the CO’s and Judy King is still there. Judy King ends up getting out and Maria ends up sneaking the CO’s out. The FBI ends up breaking in and taking every single inmate out and killing Piscatella. Every inmate gets placed in a bus to be taken to a new prison.
In the end, Orange is the new black is an amazing show that I would recommend to anybody.

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