November 16, 2017
By Anonymous

This movie review is gonna be about my all time favorite movie Transformers they personally done their best with all the making all the damage just to all make the movie best part is there not just only one no there are 5. Transformers the one that started it all then Transformers Revenge of the fallen witch where someone comes back to kill all the next one is Transformers dark of the moon which they try and bring their world to ares then the the next one was Transformers age of extinction where they try and build their own where it didn't work out for then at all then finally the last one Transformers the last knight where they had to finally take down Quintessa to save earth.

The first transformers were not movie there was a show that was produced in 1984 and the way they mad that one kids fell in love with it they love how a car could be something as real as us. There is always a bad side to the good people there was two sides Autobots and the Decepticons the decepticons were always trying to kill either the Autobots or trying to steal thing that make there powers better than them so they can finally take back their world and make it better but then the Tv show finally stop in 1987 sadly it died away till 2010 they came back.

The transformers prime show was a good boost after the first transformers movie because the boost in 2010 they came out with the second movie in 2012 it kept the kids going into the movie which kept the rates up for the movie but in 2013 they had to shut down the show do to a death in one of the actors in the show they had someone finish it off  then they stayed with the movies every couple years they make new ones so idk if the next three years they are gonna make one they could or they could finally be done but they rates are 4.4 billion dollars are made with the movie.

The reason i wanted to to do this movie is because they was my favorite movie they way how they always try and fight for the well being not just because they can because that is the right thing to do and always moves me when they get beat down but they still keep trying just to see someone else to live on.

The transformers movies have really been one of the best movies i think came out so far they always surprise me how much they can do with the more technology i hope they keep up with the movies cause i never get tired of them but also hope the transformers never die back down again. 

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