Homeless to Harvard

October 26, 2017
By Zebralove166 SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
Zebralove166 SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
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After watching this movie it changed my views on homelessness and gave me a reality check. For the longest time I have thought that homelessness only pertained to adults. It breaks my heart that Liz being so young not being able to just be a kid. She had to take care of her mother who was Blind, had schizophrenia, was a drug addict and now had AIDS. She was 13 when she was taken from her father. Liz’s mother lived with her abusive father and later on died. When Liz found out that her mother had AIDS her mother said”Don’t worry Lizzie I will live forever”. I couldn’t imagine going through all those obstacles at such a young age.


I couldn’t imagine how hard it was to have to take care of my mother while she was abusing drug and not having any food. What is heartbreaking that at such a young age she had to pretty much become an adult and get a job, take care of her mother and then finding out that only her mother had AIDS but her father and then her sister becoming blind. It is mind-blowing that with so many obstacles holding her back Liz still put herself through school, she had her own apartment. She went to Harvard. Even though she didn’t go to Elementary school it’s still pretty impressive that she still went to high school and was able to go to college. Through all the hardship she is what you would call an inspirational person.


I have now a broader opinion about those who still through so much hardship become very successful people. Really think about it. What if this were to happen to you. There are two paths( the path to success and happiness or the path of failure and despair)

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