Flatliners (2017)

October 18, 2017
By dangdavidd BRONZE, Palmetto Bay, Florida
dangdavidd BRONZE, Palmetto Bay, Florida
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Flatliners is about 5 medical students who do an experiment.  The experiment is about the After life. A patient had a seizure, her heart stopped for about 2 minutes or so and she survived. One of the medical  students (Ellen Page) was treating her and was questioning, How she survived. She studies the brain to see what happens. She asked two of her colleagues (James Norton) and (Kiersey Clemons) to stop her heart and record her brain activity. The found out how people can see leaving there body, there is like an electrical surge (a tiny one,
looked like tiny lightning). She (Ellen Page) experience near-death experiences that could kill her.

Would YOU like it?   

If you are interested in doctor work especially related to the brain you would LOVE this movie. It does have doctor terms and you can also figure out, How they survived and why?

It’s a little scary Some unreasonable experiences happen. If you don’t like seeing a decomposed body this may not be your movie but it only happens twice.

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