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August 4, 2017
By TheVG GOLD, Fair Haven, Vermont
TheVG GOLD, Fair Haven, Vermont
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In A Hearbeat - the new, heartfelt short animination film! 

This Short Film About Two Gay Boys Was Just Released - Buzzfeed.


These headlines filled my newsfeed on Facebook as I scrolled through. Many pages advertised the short animation, claiming it was very heartfelt and worth the watch. The comments did the same; they praised the short film and talked about how relatable it was and how it would help younger people to realize it is okay to be themselves. That it is okay to come out of the closet earlier. 


I watched the short animation once I heard all of the hype. If people were praising it so much, it has to be good. 


It was fantastic! 


The short film features a boy who sees his crush walking by, his heart pounding in his chest as he tried to keep quiet so the boy doesn't see him. Although confused and slightly startled, the other boy walks on. That is, until the first boy's heart pops out of his chest and floats over to the crush. 


This heart has a face and arms - it looks like a mini person in the shape of a heart, and it is very adorable! I believe the heart was made to look like this to represent how we as people feel when we have a crush; the heart wants to latch onto the crush and hold on for dear life, oogling over them with big smiles. When both the boy and the crush are holding onto one half of the heart, it becomes torn in half. This represents what someone feels when they become heartbroken; they feel like their heart is literally being ripped in two. This heartbreak could either be through being in a relationship, having a crush and not being able to with them, or something else. 


This short animation film is one of the best things to be created in 2017; although only a few minutes long, it packs a big punch. This is very good for people of all ages to see as it gives them the motivation and confidence to go forth with what makes them happy; even if that is finding your sexuality and acting upon it. 


Judgment sucks and should be a thing of the past, but since it unfortunately not, this short film should do the trick in helping people find that bit of confidence they are need of. 


It doesn't matter what your sexuality is, you shouldn't be judged for it. This short film recognizes that and pushes forth the idea of acting upon what your heart wants; don't let yourself suffer at the hands of judgement. 


Your sexuality shouldn't be judged. You should choose who you want to be with. 

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this when I saw so many positive comments on social media regarding the animation. I wasn't sure what it was at first until I finally grew the courage to search it up on YouTube and watched it. The entire time, I was smiling from ear to ear and I felt like I was in a place of understanding. This animation will make you tear up with happiness to make you see that being you should be mandatory. 

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