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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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From the first Iron Man to the latest Captain America: Civil War, Marvel has already carved its stake into my heart. It seems like in each film that they produce, both the directors and producers use a certain formula to level out and upraise the standards of each and EVERY movie: humor + live-action + a hint of drama = an up-and-coming A-list blockbuster sell-out. And let me just say it’s latest release, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.2, is in no way, shape, OR form considered a disappointment.


This star-studded film did NOT disappoint.


Released this past Friday, May 5, 2017, I can honestly say-with absolutely no shred of regret insight-I was hypnotized throughout the entire film. With the soundtrack being on-point (as per usual in ANY Marvel flick), there was never a dull moment in that movie theater.

The opening scene was where my heartstrings were pulled and flexed in a rhythmic motion. Seeing baby Groot dance, groove, and sway around an intergalactic monstrosity without a care in the intergalactic universe-all while the radio blasted the 1980’s hit “ Mr. Blue Sky ”-was a true delight. Not only did the movie start with a spring-like freshness, but it enhanced the viewers into paying more attention to the film’s detailing in both animation AND characterization.

Now as far as the movie’s characters go, I’d have to personally claim that my favorite guardian had to be Gamora. With her purple-descending hair on fleek (as usual), her blossoming romance with Peter Quill (a.k.a. Starlord) in the works, AND her ability to reconcile and make amends with her half-robotic adoptive sister Nebula, Gamora was able to display a certain side to her that was not previously shown in the first film: her emotional relationships.

And, believe it or not, Drax-the infamous destroyer-was a key player in the film’s comedic relief segment. Through his interactions with Mantis ( Ego’s personal masseuse, sleep therapists), his hysterical/crude humor towards Mantis’ appearance was a breath of fresh air.

 Oh!Oh! You can’t forget about Peter Quill now can you?

This alien-abducted, groovy demigod was the real star of the show. Though the plot was focused primarily on his distanced relationship to his biological father (i.e. Ego the LIVING PLANET!), Peter *cough**cough* I mean...Starlord...was able to prove himself as a man to be reckoned with through being the character that we all know and love: classic Peter Quill swaying and toe-tapping jives to suede classic hits with Rocket by his side all while plasma shooting an entire fleet of pesky Sovereign cubicle-sized space-soaring squads.


 Now I’m not going to spoil this MCU movie for you (‘cause it’s 100% a marvel masterpiece in its own right). But if you’re a Marvel fanatic like me, take heed to my recommendation: this movie is unmistakably worth the $12.50-per-seat ticket! If you decide to splurge on yourself today, or even this weekend, take that paycheck that you got from flipping burgers and go to the cinema closest to you, buy a gallon of buttered (or plain, if that’s what you like) popcorn, take your seat, recline the chair as far back as it can go, and let your imagination run wild.

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