May 18, 2017
By , Parkland, FL

Set in a small town, Juno centers around the life of a rebellious teenage girl aptly named Juno. After she discovers she is pregnant with the child of her best friend, she must make the decision of how to deal with the unborn child whilst searching for the courage to tell her parents and her baby’s father.

Throughout the movie, one recurring theme focuses upon first impressions. Juno selects the Loring couple to adopt the baby based upon their embodiment of a “perfect” family in which the child will be showered with love and affection. Despite the initial impression and the view that the Lorings chose to portray unto outsiders, they are less-than-perfect and quietly deal with the constant tension between them. In school, Juno is known as “the pregnant sixteen year-old” and given dirty glances in the hallways. Without knowing anything about her, people despise her simply because she appears to be pregnant.

Juno is directed toward older audiences, but the themes portrayed would be appropriate for teenagers, excepting one minor sexual scene. The main focus is upon dealing with mistakes, learning from past experiences, and navigating the compilations of teenage years, which would help younger audiences know that they are not the only ones struggling. I highly recommend this deep, dramatic, and comedic movie to viewers above thirteen years old.

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