Beauty and the Beast

May 18, 2017
By , Parkland, FL

Everyone knows the story of the classic Disney princess movie Beauty and The Beast. I, like many others, was excited for the new 2017 human acting modern version of the Disney classic. Overall of course I loved the movie because how could I not, I have a soft spot for Disney and cartoon movies. The movie had actress Emma Watson to play Belle, which of course added to my hype for the movie. I think looks wise she is such a Belle. I did not picture Emma in a musical but it turned out well. They started the movie just like the cartoon with the song ''Belle.'' The set had actually reminded me of the set of Harry Potter with a village being the set. Belle is still the book worm she was in the cartoon and the town thinks she's weird because she is different from everyone else and Gaston still wants her. Belles father in this movie is an artist and Belle was the inventor, where she creates a washing machine in the beginning of the movie. Belles father Maurice, still travels and runs into the Beasts castle causing Belle and the Beast to meet. One thing I enjoyed more about this movie is we got more of a background on both Belle and the Beast. We find out what happens to Belles mother and more about the Beast's parents. This added more substance to Belle and the Beast. We also got in more depth of those who had worked for and friends the Beast.  Another thing I thought was incredible in the movie was the visual effects. All the colors and special effects during the ''Be Our Guest'' scene were so enticing to look at and exam all the details of it. Along with Belles classic gold/yellow ball gown. Finally the ending scene did not go as the cartoon did, which I expected. The Beast had ran out of time, with the last rose petal dropping before someone loved him. All the Beast's workers and friends had became the lifeless house products, which I thought was a sad scene since they were all saying their final goodbyes to each other and life itself. But then the enchantress saw Belle had loved the Beast and undid the curse. Overall I thought the producers had lived up to the classic movie with recreating the classic scenes and made it better with a more dramatic ending and more in depth on the characters.

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