Ocean's Eleven

May 16, 2017
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The movie Ocean’s Eleven is the first movie in a trilogy of movies about the heists that a team of people pull off. The first part of this movie is just the gathering of the team that will pull off the heist. We get the idea that most of them are old friends of Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt). The movie starts when Danny Ocean gets out of jail in New Jersey on parole. We learn that his next heist is already planned before he even got out of jail. Danny immediately goes and finds his old friend Rusty Ryan to recruit him into his new heist. The cameras then take turns showing Danny and Rusty recruiting people that they see talent in. Some of them are pickpockets and some of them are merely rich old men recruited to sponsor the endeavor.

One of the pros of the movie is that everything is realistic and can be done in real life. It is also realistic because there are setbacks and moments when the plans are almost foiled. Another thing that adds to the movie is the cleverness of the plot. The mastermind, Danny, has trick after trick up his “sleeves.” There are also no dull moments in the story which makes the story move faster and, in my opinion, makes it a more entertaining movie. Even though George Clooney and Brad Pitt have the lead roles they don’t take all the glory for themselves, they let the other characters have their moments as well.

The main con is that the “villain” Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) has almost no character and is does not live up to his full movie potential although it is realistic. It is realistic because he is just a casino owner, a very, very rich one but, he is still a casino owner not a criminal mastermind or any other kind of mastermind for that matter. The lack of character in Benedict makes it seem too easy and more like they are trying to beat the technology rather than Benedict because he hardly does anything other than tell people to press buttons and make empty threats.

The character that I like the most is Danny Ocean partially because he masterminded the whole thing and partially because he takes part in his own scheme which not many leaders do. Another reason I like him is because he shows human traits like emotion unlike most characters in action movies like Ocean’s Eleven.

The basic plot of the story: A casino owner named Terry Benedict is too rich in Danny Ocean’s point of view so he assembles a team to pull of a heist so they can get him back for all the money he has “stolen.” It also doesn’t help that Danny’s ex-wife is dating him (Benedict). The team then goes through an elaborate plan that works to perfection even though along the way some problems occur.

Overall I enjoyed the movie and thought it was amazing though, there were some problems with it like character flaws that could have been fixed to make the movie an even better movie. The most amazing part of the movie was at the end when it showed flashbacks of how the tricks were pulled off even though we were left in mystery at the time they were being pulled off.

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