May 2, 2017
By steffani-v BRONZE, Milk River, Alberta
steffani-v BRONZE, Milk River, Alberta
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Nerve is an action packed techno-thriller starring Emma Roberts as Vee and Dave Franco as Ian. The movie was published jun 17th of 2016 and got a rating of 66% by rotten tomatoes. Nerve was made aftore the book which was released suptember 13th of 2012 by Jeanne Ryan.

This story follows the life of young adults playing a dangerous game of dares. The Intense game of Nerve gives you the option of being a watcher or a player. Players of the game get a cash prize for completing dares. Watchers of the game pay to watch the players from behind the screens  of their digital devices.  Although throughout the game Vee realized the game is more than she bargained for. 

Vee is a teenage girl who is often told how boring she is. Vee finally snaps and feels she need to prove everyone wrong, so when she hears about a new game called Nerve she feels that the game would be the right way to prove  herself and her friends wrong. Vee completes a list of dares making her way through troubling tasks and add I money to her bank acount, starting with dares that are easy although over time the dares she completes get harder and harder.  Peoples true colors get shown through this tangle of interesting events, Vee learns more about herself and other people throughout the intence movie.

I believe that Nerve is a great movie because it is always surprising you and keeping you at the edge of your seat from the twists throughout the story.The coloring in the movie also gives it an interesting futuristic look from the glow in neon lighting used throughout the film. I would recommend this movie to people who are interested in action or futuristic movies.

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