Jurassic World

April 2, 2017
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Jurassic World is a great addition to the Jurassic Park movies. The movie takes place in a theme park with genetically modified dinosaurs. One of the newest and largest dinosaurs escapes its habitat and attacks the rest of the park so Owen Grady, one of the dinosaur trainers is forced to defend the park.

I thought it was very interesting in the movie how the actor of Owen (Chris Pratt) was for the most part very serious, considering that he is a comedian and his previous performances in other movies. The acting was very interesting and for the most part great. Owen and Clair really mesh together well as co-stars and Zach and Gray truly portray how brothers act towards each other, especially when one of them is a teen and the other is a lot younger. There is some static characters though. For example, there was very little point of Zara, the babysitter being in this film. She was irrelevant during all of her screen time and really just serves as comic relief when she gets eaten by the pterodactyl. This movie had some minor flaws in the acting, but for the most part was excellent on the acting category.

I thought the storyline was great and exciting but really just seemed repetitive of the original. It is good to make references to the original, but too much of this can make it seem more of a remake rather than a sequel. The graphics were terrific and exciting while still looking realistic and not going overboard and making it too crazy. The movie is really interesting due to the great graphics seen and almost makes you feel like you are apart of the movie. This really draws you in and makes the movie more realistic and less predictable. Jurassic World is very similar to Jurassic Park, but for this particular film It would be extremely difficult to make the storyline a lot different. In addition, the acting and visuals really improve the movie and sets it apart from the original.
I thought the references to the original Jurassic Park were also very interesting, like when they went into the abandoned control room of the old movie, they found the jeep from the original movie and even rode on it. The gate to go onto the park is another reference to the original, it almost looks identical to the original, except it says Jurassic World, instead of Jurassic Park. The original Jurassic Park merchandise can be seen pretty consistently throughout the film. For example, Lowery the tech guy wore a t- shirt and the abandoned gift shop had a couple shirts as well. These references to the original made it interesting to think back to the original movie and really connects it to the original well.

The main characters developed quite well throughout the film. The movie really brings the characters together and they are eventually united at the end even though there was some tension between them at the beginning. Zachary and Gray really grow as brothers, especially since at the beginning the two were quite hostile towards each other. Owen and Claire change throughout the film by them starting out by them not getting along and then really appreciating each other at the end. In addition, Claire was kind of a “pretty girl” at the beginning, then grew to be more adventurous for the benefit of her and the park. Jurassic World is an exciting, action packed movie that I would gladly see again.

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