The Giver

April 2, 2017
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So I watched this movie ‘The Giver’ Enough to take me to the other world. To be honest I downloaded this movie because my favorite singer Taylor Swift has played a cameo in this. I was watching it just to see her role but ended up loving the movie not because of Tay but the concept. Through the whole time while watching at every moment a felt a lil’ pang in my heat IDK why...  Well for good 15 minutes of the start of movie I didn’t know wut was goin’ on but after that when discovered wut this movie is all about I was blown away I was speechless I was lost  and ol wut I wanted at dat time was just to watch the movie I was good kind of lost…

This movie will make you feel the things that you’ve olways been acquainted wid but never felt it the way. This movie will make you feel such… It will make you feel colors, emotions, love, music, dance, adventure, pain, suffer, happiness, death, birth, war, celebration, joy, sorrow, snow, water, the sun, air and everything like a newly born baby who dun know wut are these… It will make you feel how it feels to people when they get to know things who have never been introduced to these before… who have never seen colors and dun even know wut it is… who have olways been bounded to live in chess kinda area… to whom even the word love didn’t exist… to whom music and dance was nothing, not even a word that they were supposed to know….  It made me feel how they feel when they get to know ‘bout this joy they’ve been hidden from ol the time.

You know when you’re watching movies you know that within 15 min this movie’s gonna end sometimes you know even the kind of end it has got…. But in some movies you dun know the end… You can’t even think ‘bout cause you’re so lost in the movie that YOU dun care ‘bout the ending you keep on watching it cause you dun know wut’s goin’ to happen next… and then suddenly there appears a black hole kinda thing on Your screen across which you couldn’t SEE ANYTHING AND AFTER FEW SECONDS you see name of producer’s director’s and blah blah… appearing there and then you realize that the movie has ended and you be like “Wait. Wut? The movie ended? So this was the ending…? WOW…. And now when you have watched  the ending you can think more beyond that….

AND THEN FOR COUPLE oF HOURS YOU got that movie struck in your mind… OR maybe for more time interval than dat.  This movie is one of ‘em.

You might think that why i ain't talking about the story plot? 

Because I don't want to. This movie is to be discovered by own in your own way.

If you watch this you are  goin to take this in mind for the whole life… So, I can say this movie has no ending because it’s beyond imagination and Imagination has no got end…….

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