Blood Diamond

April 1, 2017
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In this incredible cinematographic work, the viewers experience the cruelty and the cold blooded reality of what people is capable of doing to satisfy the demand of the vain world in which we live today. Such as, taking another human’s innocent life, and one’s freedom to satisfy the materialistic needs of other people.

In this film, we follow the journey of Solomon Vandy, a fisherman, father, and husband captured by the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) whose village was burned down. After working in the diamond mines, Solomon Vandy found out that trading a diamond that he found may be the only way to find his lost family

The cast that are a part of this movie are outstanding actors/actresses. The way in which Leonardo DiCaprio represents Danny Archer, a white diamond smuggler whose parents were savagely murdered, and who pretends to not care about anything that surrounds himself with besides money is just incredibly captivating and depressing. On the other hand, we have Djimon Hounsou portraying Solomon Vandy, an inspiring man who will do anything to find his family and make sure they are safe, and is able to make a real change in the world of diamond smuggling. He does this by speaking up and showing the world the real truth about what it is behind the beautiful jewels we adore so much.

In this film, the effects are a very important factor that makes this movie surprisingly realistic. For example at the beginning of the film when Mr. Vandy is captured, the way in which they chopped off the hands of a man, and the way in which they portrayed the constant war scenes excellently, with explosions and shootings.

The music in this film is a mixture between rap in native language from native African regions, rap in English, and melancholic music in native African languages. The way in which they connected all of these different music styles with the scenes they had was outstanding. For example, they constantly put rap in either English or foreign languages in the war scenes, and the melancholic native music for the scenes in which they had a lot of emotion.

The film blood diamond is a very cold, bloody and cruel film directed by the incredibly talented Edward Zwick, who has directed and produced an enormous amount of films. The way in which Mr. Zwick focuses not just on their adventure in the quest of the diamond, and solomon’s family but in the reality that surrounds the nations in which they travel to, makes the film even more interesting.

In this film, you can experience a very racist and separated Africa, an Africa that is separated between white and black, but at the same time fighting together. The purpose of Mr. Zwick is to show us that even in complete separation we are all just people, and no one is truly better than another.

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