March 31, 2017
By Anonymous

Zootopia is a land where animals have matured “from their primitive, savage ways,” and both prey and predator live together in harmony.  This film is centered around Judy Hopps, an optimistic, driven bunny who is determined to become a great police officer and make the world a better place.  After being underestimated and given a menial job in Zootopia, she makes a bargain with the chief of police to prove herself - either she solves a missing mammal case in 48 hours or she resigns her job.  In order to solve the case, she has to team up with a sly, con artist fox, named Nick Wilde.  As the case unravels, they realize that it is much bigger than they had originally presupposed.  Soon, the fate of all the predators in Zootopia rests in their paws.  Judy and Nick have to learn to trust each other despite the stereotypes that  are associated with each other’s species.

This film is so refreshing because Disney, once again, found a way to show us a whole new world.  We have seen a car world, a bug world, and a toy world.  A world under the sea, a world inside your head, and a world where children do not grow up.  But a world with personified animals whose city is divided into different climates for each; we have never seen that before!  It was so entertaining to think about! These animals have it all, from cell phones to starbucks!  However, everything is perfectly modified for them; the shops have a tall coffee pick up for the giraffes, and they also have “Mousey’s” and “Targoat” instead of Macy’s and Target.  These are just a few examples of all of the fun adaptations and hilarious play on words sprinkled throughout the movie.

Perhaps the best aspect of the film was the intriguing plotline.  I was definitely not expecting a lot of the twists that came along.  This was the first, kids Disney movie that I have seen where the main characters have to solve a mystery.  I have read a lot of mystery books and have always enjoyed trying to solve the clues with the characters.  However, even with my experience, I was still shocked when the solution was revealed in the movie.  I definitely did not see it coming and I loved being surprised.  All in all, Zootopia was well constructed and excellently balanced.  The combined elements of mystery, comedy, excitement, and touching scenes made this movie a must see (and see again).  Disney did a fantastic job of putting together an unique movie that was funny, exciting, and meaningful.

One of the reasons that I enjoyed this movie so much is because of the meaningful lessons that are taught.  One of the main themes is to not judge by appearances.  Both main characters, Judy and Nick, are unfairly stereotyped.  Judy is underestimated, she is thought to be cute, weak, and incapable of excelling at big jobs because of her size and species.  However, by the end, through hard work and dedication, she proves her skill and becomes respected by her chief and her peers.  In addition, foxes have a reputation for sneakiness and untrustworthiness.  Instead of judging a fox by his or her own self, many of the other animals lump them all together and treat them with prejudice and disrespect.  In one part of the movie, an elephant ice cream parlor refuses Nick service only because of the species that he belonged to.  Judy sticks up for him only to discover later that Nick is a con artist and that she had been tricked.  After Judy gets to know Nick, she learns about his traumatic childhood and understand the reason for his life choices.  Nick feels supported and knows that Judy believes in him.  By the end of the movie, Judy learns that foxes can be great animals and not to judge others prematurely.  Also, Nick learns that he can rise above the stereotypes that society had placed on him, which contributes to the overall theme: “Anyone can be anything.”

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