21 Jump Street

March 31, 2017
By mnash67 BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
mnash67 BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
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The film, "21 First Jump Street", is about two young police men who are assigned to go undercover as high school students in order to bust a drug operation. Back when the two cops were in high school, Jenko (Chaning Tatum) was the popular guy and his friend Schmidt (Jonah Hill) the not so popular one. However, when they both revisit high school as undercover students things have changed, now Schmidt has lots of friends and is the "cool guy" but Jenko tries too hard to be "cool" that no one likes him. They plan to prevent a drug that is going around at this school from out breaking. Schmidt befriends Eric who is the drug dealer while Jenko befriends the outcastes who help him plant a bug in the drug dealer's phone. Schmidt feels betrayed when Jenko tells him this because he has grown close to Eric.

This film is designed to make people laugh in various ways. For example, in order for Jenko and Schmidt to get a sample of the drug they are forced to take one. The different stages of the drug are comedically shown who Jenko and Schmidt start hallucinating. We see how the drug affects what they see and how they think. This movie is filled with hilarious one liners that will leave those watching laughing out loud. However, some may find elements of this movie offensive because of the curse words, use of drugs, and sexual content that is contained in this film .

While this movie is mostly intended to be comical if you look past the surface of the movie you will realize that it does deal with some serious topics including the use of drugs. It shows what can happen to those who overdose on drugs and how drug dealing can ruin your life. One of the students pass away during the film who had consumed a popular drug that was going around the high school. Another student who is the one that deals the drugs ends up in jail for the rest of his life because of a dumb decision that he made. The movie also shows what can happen at wild parties in high school. During a party shown in the film, lots of students are dancing and drinking which causes numerous items in their parents house to get broken. Also it shows how chaotic it is for them to try to get everyone out of their house, and of course the news gets back to their parents when they come home and find their house. You can also learn a lot about friendships from watching 21 Jump Street. Jenko catches Schmidt making fun of him behind his back, this caused strife between them. However, they are both able to look past the issue when a serious problem arises which puts their life in danger. In the end, Jenko takes a bullet for Schmidt and that successfully prevents the drug from outbreaking.

Although this comedic movie is littered with profanity and sexual content, it is a critically acclaimed film that ultimately teaches those who watch it not deal drugs or use them. Overall, the intention of this movie is to make people laugh, but if you look past the surface of the film you will see that it is much more than that.

The author's comments:

I recently watched this movie and I was able to learn a lot from it, so I decided to write a review about it.

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