Get Out

March 31, 2017
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Get out is not just a normal thriller. This movie is suspenseful, brutal at some points, shocking and a film that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge if your seat. At some points humor is made to relieve some of the tension but it is well planned. To think Jordan Peele was capable of writing and directing such an amazing film is impressing. This is the type of movie that doesn't need jump scares to have your attention. Everything about the movie is great and I wouldn't change a thing.


The movie takes place at Rose’s parents house who is the girlfriend of the main character, Chris. Being black, Chris wasn't sure if his girlfriend’s white parents would like him. But it wasn't too hard to make a good first impression with these folks. The main character has a strange feeling about the other black workers at the house but doesn't think much of it. Things really take a toll for the worst when Chris is hypnotized by Rose’s mother to try and beat a smoking habit, or at least that's what he thinks. The next morning he recalls that his mind was somewhat away from his body but thinks it was just all a dream, until one of the workers runs into him apologizing for scaring him right before he was hypnotized.


Later in the movie Chris begins to have greater suspicions and bad feelings about the family. When he discovers a bunch of photos of his girlfriend and her black ex’s, he asks his girlfriend to leave the house with him. Come to find out, the family and the girlfriend and trying to keep him hostage. Waking up in a room where he is informed they will be giving the mind of a white man Chris’ body, he violently breaks out and has to kill his girlfriend and family in the process. In the end when you think it's going to be over, Chris’ buddy shows up to rescue him.


Get out is a masterpiece that portrays the racism in upper-class or a side of it. Even if it's not to this extreme, the movie is used to show the prejudices and hatred in society. Jordan Peele demonstrates through Get Out, the liberal racism in the US. The movie isn't always straight forward with it but the underlying message is clear. I think Peele wanted society to get a wake up call that this is still existent.


If you haven't seen Get Out, you need to. This movie deserves five stars and is one of the best horror/thrillers I've ever seen. There are so many small hints and foreshadowing that I recommend watching it a second time so you could catch it. There is a lot of profanity and some kissing scenes but not anything explicit. The violence isn't prevalent until the end where it is pretty graphic, but that's it. All in all, Jordan Peele did an amazing job and Get Out was great.

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