Breakfast at Tiffany's

March 31, 2017
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Almost fifty seven years later, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, directed by Blake Edwards, is still one of the most memorable and iconic movies in all Hollywood history. The famous movie opened with our protagonist, Holly, (played by Ms. Audrey Hepburn), jumping out of a cab in front of Tiffany and Co., a very expensive jewelry store. Like the title, Holly had breakfast while staring through a window to see all their fine jewelry. Looking through the window only reminds her of the life she longs for: glamour, fame, and wealth. Her wish for those things is symbolized by the comfort she feels at Tiffany's because she feels nothing could ever go wrong there. Ms. Hepburn was thirty-one when filming this movie, but her character was nineteen and. Her only job is to once a week visit the scandalous con Sally Tomato in Sing Sing, from there she reports back to Sally’s lawyer to give him the weather report from Sally in order for her to get paid. Her desire for wealth is redirected and tweaked a little when she hears news from unwanted news from home. Days later, Holly has a house party with all her rich connections, and in walks, Paul Varjak. Paul is a slacked off writer who reminds Holly of her brother Fred, whom she has not seen in years and is enlisted in the army. Paul and Holly soon thereafter become friends in their desire for something more. Paul complains to Holly that she could be doing so many wondrous things, but the fact is Paul is in the same boat as her. Paul has not published a book in over five years, is still on his feet thanks to his “decorator,” Emily Eustace, whom which does not encourage him to write. In time, he falls in love with Holly and wishes to take responsibility for her. Holly also falls for Paul, but she is hesitant because she knows they will have to make sacrifices of their own dreams for them to work.

This movie is a classic romantic comedy with so many hidden meanings. For instance, there was a real theme of hopes and dreams in this movie. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was telling us we have to plan a future for ourselves, and some teens struggle after high school about what kind of profession they want to go in because there are so many good choices. In the film, these dreams help support the characters, and help to show us what kind of person they are in how they work toward their goal. Their dreams also give them something to look forward to through rough patches to get there. Knowing what you want to do either at the beginning or middle of high school helps give you something to push yourself for. But, when obstacles occur that really prevent you from your goal, you might have to revise your plan to get there or choose a better path for you. Just like Holly and Paul they had different goals, but also longed for each other so they revised their goals to make sure they fit into each others life. Another, not so hidden, theme is love. There were several different kinds of love represented in this movie. Such as: unconditional love, love between friends, and a more idealistic love. There is no “Happily Ever After” in this movie, the love in this movie results in sacrifice and sadness, a more related concept of love to us.  Love in the real world is messy and complicated, just like shown in the movie. 

The movie was a success and from there  Something you probably did not know about the movie is that it almost didn’t happen. The producers and the director were stumped when it came to cast someone to play the role as Holly Golightly. The sixties were filled with iconic women like Doris Day, Liz Taylor, and Grace Kelly. The crew considered these actresses to play Holly, but they all didn’t quite fit the personality of the character. The last woman to audition was the one, and only Audrey Hepburn. The film was published by Paramount Pictures and was later her accompanied legend. The movie received twelve awards and twelve nominations. Ms. Hepburn was nominated in four different academies for best actress and won two of them. To name a couple awards the movie received, Best Music: Original Song: Moon River, Best Music: Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture, and Song of the Year: Moon River, just to name a few.

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