March 31, 2017
By Char2001 BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
Char2001 BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
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Brave is a magnificent, inspiring story about a young princess who doesn't want to become like her mother. Merida, the princess, wants to be herself, and not be forced to marry someone she doesn't love. She is an ambitious young girl who doesn't act like a princess at all. She likes to spend her time that she has to herself doing archery, and being herself.


Merida makes a drastic decision to change her fate one day after her mother tosses her bow into the fire. The wisps lead her to a cottage that is full of wood. The owner is a witch, and Merida asks her to conjure a spell that will change her fate. The witch agrees to do it for the pendant Merida has. This is where the problem begins.

The spell doesn't work the way Merida wants it to. Instead of changing her fate, the spell causes her mother, Queen Elinor, to turn into a bear. Now they have to figure out a way to change her mother back without being seen by anyone anyone in the castle. They need help from her brothers, Hamish, Hubert, and Harris. They agree to do it, but for a price. They manage to find the witch’s cottage again, and learn how the spell can be reversed. There's only one problem with this solution. They have to go back to the castle.

Merida, and her mother manage to get back to the castle without being seen. At first, they manage to to go unseen, but are soon found out when Maudie sees them. Now they have to discover an escape route before Asher father, and the clans find them. Her father soon finds them, and locks Merida in a room while he goes after the bear. Merida soon discovers that the boys are now bears, and orders them to get the key from Maudie. They get the key, and Merida goes after her mother.

It's a beloved tale on how Merida realizes her mother truly loves her, and that she was in the wrong. Merida learns to show forgiveness, and to be true to herself. Merida, and her mother ride horses together now. They also spend more time with each other. It's a fun story filled with adventure, and action.

There are many lessons in this movie. It teaches you to be careful what you wish for, and not to be greedy. Mor’du was a greedy prince who wanted to rule by himself, not with his brothers. He wished for his fate to be changed, and he was changed into a vicious bear. Some things may not go the way you want them to. Then, it also teaches that you shouldn't judge someone based on their appearance. King Fergus almost killed his wife thinking she was just a bear.

Personally, I love this movie because it teaches you to be who you are. It's really full of humor, and lots of action making it exciting. It teaches you to to love someone for who they are, and to not try and change someone. All in all it's an extraordinary movie. Everyone should love it.

I recommend this movie for a family who's looking for a funny, and adventurous movie. It's very entertaining, and you can learn great morals from this movie. The morals learned from the movie may help in the real world. Will you watch this movie?

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