March 31, 2017
By StevenButters BRONZE, Gainsville,FL, Florida
StevenButters BRONZE, Gainsville,FL, Florida
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Warning! This review is loaded with spoilers.

Logan is a 2017 film starring Hugh Jackman and is the ninth and final film in the X-men series. The film is based around the premix that Logan is old and cannot heal as quickly as he used. This is seen when he's in a bathroom painfully and slowly forcing bullets out of his chest. To give a brief summary, in the year 2029, Logan is old and can't heal as fast as he used to. He takes care of Charles who has Alzheimer's and sometimes has seizures that can make lose control of his powers and hurt people. So Logan cafes for him in an abandoned Mexican outpost near the border. He tries to hide from society and work as a limo driver until a young girl who is clone of him is on run from an organization called Essex and now Charles, Logan, and the girl are on the run from the evil organization Essex.

The movie is very depressing with Logan contemplating suicide, a whole family dying, all of Logan's friends are dead and Logan dies. I also found that there were a lot of plot holes ranging from questions about why Logan is in Mexico, how the outpost Logan put Charles in blocks his telepathy, and the X-Men comic book the girl has is filled with enough plot holes to fill a paragraph with questions. I thought that since the movie took place in the year 2029, things could at least look more like the future. Casinos are the same, limos don't look different at all, guns aren't different, future medicine couldn't fix the giant gashes in Logan's chest, and people still watch old westerns on flat screen tv’s.

I did enjoy the parts of the movie that were more futuristic, like the automated trains and automated trucks that carry livestock, and the bad guy’s prosthetic robot hand. I enjoyed the action and suspense and enjoyed how Logan and the girl bond throughout the movie. The bonding between them gives the audience a feeling of relief from the suspense and depression. I also enjoyed the humor. While there wasn't a lot of humor, they made up for it with good jokes.

While I found that the movie was full of plot holes, I also felt that they were not important to the overall story, and therefore didn't effect the movie all that much. I felt that it was a good movie for people who enjoy fast paced action,bonding, and slight humor. I would say this was the best Wolverine movie in the entire series. I thought it was a very good movie, and felt that it was a good farewell to both the Wolverine, and to the X-Men as well.

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