La La Land

March 6, 2017

Do you like Ryan Gosling? Who doesn't. Catch him in the new hit film, La La Land. This film is a mixture of a comedy, musical, and romance. La La Land was released on January 9, 2017. La La Land is about a man (Ryan Gosling) and a women (Emma Stone). Both their lives aren't going the way they planned but they still have big dreams. Emma Stones character was a striving actor and play writer. Ryan Gosling played as a musician who wanted to own a jazz bar. They were both struggling chasing their dreams when they met each other. A few break out songs later they fell in love. But soon later there was a turn in this love  story. They were both pulled in different directions that didn't allow this relationship to blossom but ended it. Few years later after they both fulfilled their dreams  they found their way back to each other as two successful individuals. And like any good romance, they ended up blissfully happy together.

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