The Boy

March 5, 2017

“The Boy,” is a horror film, that was created in January of 2016. It has thrilling jumps, breathe-taking startles, and plot twists that will make your heart skip a beat!

I have never been one to watch a horror movie. I watch the trailers to many of them, but never see the need to sit down and pay money to get scared. However, this time was different.

I was at a friend’s house that I had just met fairly recently, and I didn’t know many of the kids there. I got to know them as the party went on, and they all seemed like nice and fun people.

It was not until we decided to watch a movie, I realized how scared I would get that night. Everyone chose to watch, “The Boy.”

I protested, along with a few other wimps, but in the end, we were the minority. We turned on the movie, and I could hardly breathe. It was my first horror movie.

As the movie got started, the actress, Lauren Cohan, appeared. She played the part of Greta, a babysitter coming to watch a wealthy families, son. She rode up to the house in a taxi cab while sleeping, but when she arrived, she was in for a treat.

When she stepped through the large, gapping, front doors, she explored the house to find where the owners were located. She began learning the layout, met the local grocery boy, and eventually met the parents. It was soon after she met, ‘The Boy.’

She realized that ‘The Boy’ was actually a doll. As any sane human being would do, she laughed, thinking it was a joke being played on her, and she expected a young one to pop out of a closet somewhere… that never occurred. She learned the fatal tale of the actual son getting burned to death, along with his best friend, in a fire nearly 30 years before hand.

As the movie went on, she began realizing things. Things that are not possible. The doll was moving. The doll was eating. The Doll was listening to music. She began to feel distressed and soon caught on to some sort of trick being played. She went along with the rules the owners had left her, to take care of ‘The Boy.’ The rules included things like, change his clothes, feed him, kiss him before bed, etc. As long as she kept these rules, all seemed well.

It was a strange situation for her, but she started getting it down. It was not until her ex-husband had appeared, that the situation had gone terribly awry. The Ex had mistreated the doll once he had found lettering on the wall, written in blood, telling him to get out.

The Ex smashed the dolls head into a table, shattering it into pieces. Out popped a hand from the wall. A body emerged as all were speechless. A full grown man had appeared from the walls, wearing a dolls mask. The man was none other than who the doll had been created for, the boy who was said to have died in the fire. 

This exciting summary of the story made my heart race. Seeing a man emerge from the wall, as I thought the whole time the doll was alive, made me scared and confused. I wanted to know what had happened, how he lived in the walls, why he did so, and so many other things, but I was too afraid to watch!

Overall, “The Boy,” was a thrilling horror movie, that can get anyone’s blood moving. I’m sure my friends laughed seeing my ghostly face, but I had done it. I had watched my very first horror movie; and I had liked it. I liked the feeling of getting scared. I knew the whole time I was perfectly safe, but it still startled me. That was a thrill I had never really experienced before. I think I may just have to watch another one very soon!

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