Ghostbusters (2016)

March 3, 2017

I just saw ghostbusters 2026 and it was so good! Just everything about it was wonderful but let’s break it down.

Dialogue: I was laughing all throughout the movie, they never stopped making jokes it was really awesome. I love that one where they record a fart noise and then the one girl says “it came from the front.” Too good I loved it!

Characters: The characters were so well written and complex and unpredictable. The best thing us none of them follow any caratcher at all! They were all very original and intelligently designed. And Chris was so funny because he was just a stupid guy who was only in the movie because the girls found him attractive.

CGI: The effects in this movie are astounding! They look so real and are textured so beautifully, no of it looks fake it’s amazing how far technology has gone.

Acting: The acting was so flawless. All the characters were believable and presented their lines with such an utter amount of passion. Jokes: Very clever jokes, all the characters were so fluent with their joke delivery skills. I laughed nearly 1000 times during this movie!

Soundtrack: Thankfully they redid that irritating and redundant original Ghostbusters movie theme. Uck. I hated that movie and song. The soundtrack was very emotional and appropriate for the movie.

Cameos: There were a couple of cameos from the original Ghostbusters which is awesome because it’s such a classic movie. There’s the taxi driver, Peter, Winston, and Janine.

In conclusion, this movie was great, I loved it so much, I totally reccomend it to everyone. Thank you love you all soooooooooooooooooo much!

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