Suicide Squad

March 3, 2017
By blowyourtrumpets SILVER, San Jose , California
blowyourtrumpets SILVER, San Jose , California
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Suicide Squad was pretty s***, but that’s not a big surprise. It the best of the DC movies and is serviceable, but it’s unsubtle nature and repetitive exposition and useless and inconsequential story arcs are really irritating. Deadshot was a cliche character but regardless, Will Smith played him perfectly, Harley was irritating with her exaggerated accent and unnecessary sexualization, Killer Croc, which is my favorite supervillian of all time hardly had any screen time or dialogue, El Diablo was a predictable tragedy-case but he played an important role, Enchantress was so cliche and boring I just hated her, The Joker was useless in the story, if you took him out not much would be different, he’s just in there for pathetic fan service, Captain Boomerang was my favorite because he was Australian, threw boomerangs, was lazy, quirky and also they wrote him in such a way that he is obviously insane but his dialogue displays a lack of self-awareness, unlike say Harley or Joker who are aware of their insanity, he is not which is a nice change of pace in writing, remember subtlety is key. There are more characters but they are so boring and forgettable. The story is bland and predictable. Oh my god I’ve never seen a huge beam in the middle of a city before that is obviously going to be used to kill humans, I’m really intrigued. It was obvious they put little effort into the story and focused way more on concocting a scenario in which they could get away with ridiculous action scenes for adhd ridden children. I don’t know why everyone loved it so much. I mean despite what I’ve said, I enjoyed the movie, it was fun, dumb at that, but never-the-less it was fun. I think the viewerbase that thought this was a great movie is made up of obsessive fanboys. Anyways, I wouldn’t reccomend this if you enjoy unique storylines and tragedies or something, but if you want to become familiar with cool supervillians and watch thoughtless action scenes, you should definitely watch this. I’m sorry if I sound like a jerk, I’m tired and pissed.

Also it was very cool that Batman was in the trailer even though he had 2 minutes of screen time.

The author's comments:

I hate movies so I wanted to make a review of a movie I hated, I held myself back to avoid controvesy because DC fanboys are more hostile than a guy who's only attirbutes are punching women in the face and "climbin good."

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