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February 6, 2017
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In a time span of about a century, Disney composed countless fairy tales for kids, especially girls, to drool over. The beautiful princess and charming prince will always fall in love, overcome all the obstacles that hits their way, and live their happily ever after. However, a “rebel” came in sight when the animated film “Frozen” was released. After years of rainbows and butterflies, the prince finally lets out his grin.

When the movie began, Princess Anna and Prince Hans had a typical “Disney encounter”. He’s charming, she’s gorgeous. They not only danced and sung songs together, but also had endless topics they could talk about. Everything seems perfect and when everyone is expecting their happily ever after, the prince changed.

Going back to earlier part of the movie, when Anna was trying to find Queen Elsa, she lets Prince Hans watch over the kingdom for her. Hans is a brilliant leader, a loving person. When he saw Anna’s horse went back by itself, he knew she was in trouble. He immediately called out for help and personally let the army up to the freezing mountain to save her. Even though Elsa created a snow monster to fight him, he didn’t lose hope and calmed the raging Elsa by saying “Don’t become the monster they want you to become.” Then we must wonder, how did this loving prince change? Come to think of it, there’s an advisor who told him “If Anna dies, then the kingdom will be yours.” So, did he change right there at the moment?

If you watch the movie again carefully, then you’d know that no, it had been his plan all along.

When he let out his evil side as Anna dies, he told her that his original plan was to marry Princess Anna and Kill Queen Elsa, then rule the kingdom of Arendelle. When everyone is in shock, go ahead and re-watch many parts of the movie. When they were fight Queen Elsa, he noticed the chandelier on her head, so he pretended to calm her down thus separating her attention and lead to her hitting the chandelier, which ultimately lead to her imprisonment. When he and Anna both felt cold, he only fixed his own clothes. Even in their song “Love is an Open Door”, his lyrics is full of his greed for the kingdom while Anna sang out her love for him.

It actually isn’t hard to guess the process when you saw the ending. This happens all the time in real life. Behind everyone’s perfect mask, how many of their real faces have you ever seen?

When finally Anna’s real soulmate Kristoff the farmer showed up with his songs “Fixer Upper” explaining his imperfections, this side character suddenly seems to be different, something more than just a support. He traveled up the mountain and helped Anna find her sister, and when everything is over, he is willing to give Anna back to her Hans. If they never experienced this together, then maybe he would just be a stinky, rude farmer to her. Who knew he had a heart made of gold.

This film also caught the audience on the way it explained true love. True love went beyond the boyfriend-girlfriend love, it extends into friendship and family bonds. When Anna is accidentally hurt by Elsa, she needs an act of true love to be saved. Of  course, with Disney, you’d expect a kiss from her meant-to-be. However, when Anna’s life is ending and Kristoff is running late to save her, she ran in front of Elsa to block the swinging sword from Hans, thus instantly turning into ice. When Elsa shed her tears of love and regret, it turned into a act of true love, the kind from your family.

People say true love doesn’t exist, maybe you just need to look harder.

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