Finding Dory

January 24, 2017
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I really like to watch movies, whether it is a brand new movie that just came out in theaters or if it's just a movie that is a older one. It is just my favorite thing to do on m spare time, I really enjoy watching the brand new movies, and that's what I am going to talk about, movies. Not just movies i'll talk about one in particular, i’m going to be talking about Finding Dory and how Finding Dory is one of the top hits of 2016 and why.
What is Finding Dory? Finding Dory is a sequel to the movie Finding Nemo, Finding Nemo came out May 30, 2003, then the producer Andrew Stanton decided he wasn’t going to make another sequel to Finding Nemo. When he was finished with Nemo, he went to other movies like Wall-E and The Incredibles and started to finish those movies up so around 2010 he got to thinking about Dory and that's when he started filming Finding Dory, so it took them about 5.5 years to finish this movie, and that 5.5 years were great years they really worked hard on their movie, Finding Dory is by far one of my most favorite movies that I have seen. This movie is a great movie for adults, teens and kids. All ages seem to love the movie, and that brings me to why was Finding Dory such a hit?
         Why was Finding Dory such a great hit for 2016? Finding dory breezed past $300 million in 11 days after its release, it took former record holder Shrek 2 and Toy Story 3 18 days to reach that point. Research says that people wanted to watch Finding Dory because they have seen the movie Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo came out about 13.5 years ago and a lot of people loved the movie so they wanted to see what Finding Dory was like, also Pixar has been a very highly watched animation studio, they have made all of the originals for example: Toy Story, The Incredibles, Up, The Lion King, and so much more. I have seen all of those movies that I listed and they are the best movies I have probably ever watched. Another reason why Finding Dory was such a hit is because the main character (Dory) is a girl. A lot of the movies that I have seen have had mainly men as their main characters or the women aren’t really on the main spotlight, but these are the movies that i've only seen, I know for a fact that there are movies with main characters as women. Finding Dory. I think this movie is 80% about Dory so more women wanted to watch the movie than they did Finding Nemo, and maybe if there is another sequel they might have Dory and Marlin and this brings me onto my third question.
         Will there be another sequel added to the movie? I personal do not think there will be just because the producer barely added this movie, but I hope they do make another one. There is only one person that knows if there is going to be another sequel to the movie and that is the producer Andrew Stanton. I was reading a website about him and this is what he thinks about a third sequel to the movie, Andrew quoted “ I think everything that was born of the first movie is wrapped up. But we’ll see” so nobody can tell whether or not there will be another sequel to the movie
      What is Finding Dory, why was Finding Dory such a smash and will there be another sequel added to the other two movies, are all three parts that I told you about, So being wrapped up in a blanket on your couch and watching Finding Dory is probably one of my most favorite things to do.

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