Fired Up

March 18, 2009
By mikayla brennan BRONZE, Rochester, New York
mikayla brennan BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Fire Up is a humorous comedy about two guys and their big idea of a way to get girls. Shawn Colfax (Eric Christian Olsen) and Nick Brady (Nicholas D'agosto), two great Ford High school football players decide to go with their school's cheer squad to cheer camp to get girls. After sheer camp has begun, Shawn starts to fall for Carly (Sarah Roemer), their head cheerleader.

Their plan from the beginning was to leave before the championships but plans change and they stay. But they still have to keep their secret of why they're their. Eventually 'Dr. Rick,' Carly's (Sarah Roemer) boyfriend, figures out their whole scheme and tells Carly.

The cast of Fired Up has made many accomplishments and has received maybe awards. Eric Christian Olsen playing Shawn has received many awards such as the Razzie Award for the worst screen couple in 2004. Also in 2003, Eric received the teen choice award for best chemistry followed by the young artist award for best performance series, get real, in 2000. Sarah Roemer, playing Carly received the 2008 MTV movie award for best kisser shared with Shila LaBeouf. Sarah was also a model starting at the age seventeen before her acting career started. Nicholas D'Agosto has not yet received any awards but I am sure will, in the future.

As a rating, I would give this movie a a four star rating. I give it a four star rating because of the sarcastic jokes, the actors, and the whole story. These characters seem believable to me because of their experience in past acting. They're also seem believable because they're playing high school kids when they're really in there late twenties early thirties. My favorite character is Eric (Nicholas D'Agosto). He is my favorite because he is funny when trying to get Shawn to stop liking Carly, and plays his part well. These actors haven't seen in other movies or TV shows, but I do know they have played very different parts other then high school students. The parts they have played have very different personalities.

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