the clique

March 17, 2009
By marisa vitale BRONZE, Rochester, New York
marisa vitale BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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The Clique is a great dramatic movie that will keep you wanting more every time you see it. In this movie, there are many characters, but the main ones are, Massie (Elizabeth McLaughlin) who plays as the 'ruler' of the 7th grade, Alicia (Samantha Boscarino) as pretty and as sweet as she looks, she's next in line for Massie's spot light. Dylan, (Sophie Anne Everhard) is crazy about her weight, and she not even big. Kristen (Bridget Mendler) is always trying her best on her school work and homework. And Claire (Ellen Marlow) a wannabe of Massie, and a new student at Octavian County Bay (OCD). My favorite character is massie because she makes the movie more interesting. And she isn't very believable, because she doesn't ask real. She acts very fake and backstabs the people who think are her friends.

Claire use to live in Orlando, Florida and her family moved to Westchester, New York, where Massie and her family live. Massie and her 3 best friends, Alicia, Kristen, and Dylan, battle it up against Claire while trying to steal the heart of Chris Abley. I would recommend this movie to girls, over the age of ten. There are a few curse words, and it's a middle school setting, so middle school students should be the ones to watch it. What I really like about this movie is that it is about five 7th graders, and it's a great setting on how to show what 7th grade is like. I don't really like that massie is backstabbing many people that care and look up to her. Overall, I would give this book an A for the great entertainment!

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