March 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Jumper is an action packed film filled with mystery, suspense, betrayal, and life threatening secrets.

David Rice (Max Thieriot), a young teenager, finds he has the ability to jump or teleport anywhere in the world. With his new skill, he robs some banks and steals a lot of money. He settles down latter in his life, but his peace is soon disturbed by Roland Cox, a Paladin. A Paladin is someone who hunts, traps, and kills Jumpers, and Roland is one of the best. Roland slowly ruins David's life. Roland kills his father, but David's mother left long ago, and then sets his sights on David himself. Now David must do all he can to stay alive, and protect the people he loves, but can he stay alive?

My favorite character is Griffin (Jamie Bell) because of his actions. Griffin is a serious kind of guy, but knows how to have fun and most importantly fight. Griffin can perform a multi-jump punch which causes whoever he hits to fly backwards. Griffin has a plan of revenge, to kill Roland, and won't let anyone get in his way, not even David.

The special effects in this movie were amazing, and the concept of jumping and the rift that they open when they jump was captured perfectly. The final fight scene was also amazing, especially when Griffin jumps a double decker bus at Roland Cox.

This movie deserves a 4 star review because of the special effects, realistic characters, and Fight scene

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