The Dark Knight

March 16, 2009
By Anna Maestas BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Anna Maestas BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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'You either become a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.'-Harvey Dent/ Two F ace

The Dark Knight's success says it all. The film won eight Oscar's and a Golden Globe.
The Dark Knight is filled with an exceptionally amazing cast and crew. The movie stars many characters from Batman Begins, such as Christian Bale playing Batman and Buce Wayne. There are other actors that star in the sequal once again including Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox and Michael Caine as the role of the trusty butler Alfred. Rachel Dawes was played by a different actress in the sequal. In Batman Begins the part was well played by Katie Holmes but in The Dark Knight the part was played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, who matched up nicely to Katie Holmes. The film introduces new actors including Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent and Two Face. And last but not least is Heath Ledger playing the strange character of the Joker. With director Christopher Nolan and writer David S. Goyer, how can you go wrong? This movie was released in theatres on July 18, 2008.
The Dark Knight is an action-packed movie. Full of intenseness, there will not be a moment where you are not on the edge of your seat or biting your nails. This particular remake is set on two major characters, the Batman and the Joker. These enemies have so much and so little in common. Joker refers to themselves as freaks. He tells Batman that when nobody needs him Gotham City will cast him out. Batman likes to think otherwise; he believes that in the long run he is only looking out for Gotham City, and only has his best interest. Where as the Joker does terrible things to cause chaos. The plot of this movie is that the Joker gives Batman a run for his money. Joker causes craziness and in his perspective he thinks of it as causing Gotham to plunge into the fire that he himself has lit. Batman tries to bring justice to Gotham City but it seems that Joker is the most creative and devious criminal Gotham City has to offer. In all of the twists and turns Batman has never been so challenged.
The most intense moment that most people would never be able to imagine nor predict is also the biggest outcome to the character Batman. Batman has a decision that not only he made but that the inner Bruce Wayne will have to make. Batman was given a choice to save the life of only one out of two hostages. One of the two hostages is the love of his life, Rachel and the other choice is the local hero and DA. The jaw dropping conclusion maybe the most shocking thing any comic book movie has brought to the table.
In my opinion I would need a ton more sets of hands for the thumbs-up's the film deserves. This film brings everything to a great super-hero movie such as action, shock, sorrow, and finishes with a great big BOOM! My favorite thing that pertains to this movie is the character of Joker. Joker was well played by Heath Ledger. The Joker's character sticks out like a soar thumb in the media. Aaron Albert states, 'As is true for many comic book movies, you are only as good as your villains'' I cannot agree more with this statement. The character made the movie such a hit. Heath Ledger's performance was definitely Oscar-worthy.

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