Warm Bodies

November 27, 2016
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“Warm bodies” is a film that combines romance with dramaticism, comedy, horror and action genres, produced by Jonathan Levine.


The main characters of this film are mainly Nicholas Hoult (R), Teresa Palmer (Julie), and Rob Corddry (Perry).

I like this movie, because is not the “usual” Zombie film, yes there are zombies in it but they're not like the typical bad zombies that don't think, this movie gives like a twist, this time it's about zombies that turn into good zombies.

The thing that attracted me to the movie was how this movie is viewed from the zombie’s point of view totally different than other zombies movies. I like it also, because it has parts where there's sense of humour, and the humour is well timed and arranged.

When you feel like it's getting a little too serious, out of nowhere jumps a comic line that lightens the mood.

All starts with a terrible plague that has left the planet’s population divided between zombies and humans. The survivors (humans) live in a city surrounded by walls that separate them from the living dead. Their leader “Grigio” (Julie's father) sends a group of teenagers including her daughter Julie, Julie’s boyfriend ( perry) & julie’s best friend (Nora) to the outside to collect supplies for the population.
At the moment when they got to the place to get the stuff, they got surprised by a group of zombies, among them, R.

R who is a young zombie without recollections, he's unable to recall his full name but he's pretty sure it started with the letter R, he is not a typical zombie, he's not like the rest, because there are still traces of a real person inside of him.

(R has a best friend named M and he's just as R.). While R, M and some of the zombies were looking for food, they discovered that the teenagers were there then The zombies started eating some of the teenagers. R discovered a gorgeous young human girl who was there (Julie) and suddenly falls in love with her.
That's where the plot starts, and where the quote “ He was dead inside until he met her” takes place.
He takes her to his home and protects her from the bad zombies. As the days go by Julie starts to notice that R is different from the other zombies and the pair develop a good relationship and become friends.

As their bond grows R starts changing, now he can feel, dream and other things that humans do. He starts to become more and more human. They both realize that love and care is the cure for them.

Can a zombie find relief being with another person and feel love?...

Well that's the main theme of this movie. The idea that zombies can cure themselves by being around humans is not too credible and realistic but the movie delivers it in a way that makes you believe that it can happen.

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