November 21, 2016
By Siciliasturk BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
Siciliasturk BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
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Buddy the Christmas Elf is a character you will never forget. While being cheerful and full of Christmas spirit he will make you laugh throughout the entire movie. The movie takes place in a North Pole setting and New York City.

Growing up in an elf's world gets more and more difficult when you realize you are a human. Buddy finds that he’s adopted and has a father in New York City and sets off to find him. He passes through the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest, through the sea of Swirly Twirly Gum Drops, and then walked through the Lincoln Tunnel. What he finds in New York he doesn't expect.

Buddy finds himself with a new job at Kimbel's department store. He meets the beautiful Jovie and they eventually fall in love. He finds his dad, Walter Hobbs, a children's book writer but he doesn't warm up to buddy at first because of Buddy’s stories of the North Pole. Not only does he meet his dad, but meets his new mother and brother all of them have to find a way to believe in Buddy the elf. When Buddy doesn't quite fit into the city life or being an elf in the North Pole he starts to wonder where he actually belongs.

The very expressive, excitable Buddy is played by none other than Will Ferrell. Ferrell known for his comedy makes Buddy a hilarious character that everyone will love. 

Throughout the movie he finds his father, a new family and finds a place for himself between the North pole and New York City. Every year I find myself  watching the movie multiple times and///This is a wholesome movie with a magical ending that will make you laugh out loud and is a perfect movie for everyone.

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