Doctor Strange

November 18, 2016
By Anonymous

“Doctor Strange,”  a Marvel movie that captures the true meaning of not seeing the full picture. Although I haven’t seen many Marvel movies, this feel likes a whole new picture to the usual Marvel movie. It definitely is not a movie that is just coated over with a simple new coat of paint. This movie really taught me a lot when I looked deeper into it.

Doctor Strange was a surgeon who had always succeeded on his cases. He was a proud surgeon who focused on his work fully. He always used to believe in things being purely medical.  The scenes will make you imagine yourself in Doctor Strange’s point of view. The producer of this movie really captured how much he was hurting and how Doctor Strange is trying to hide his feelings. I could feel the sadness that Doctor Strange was giving. That’s when a tragic car accident changed him, especially everything he believed. After the car accident, it left both of his hands broke leaving him barely able to move his hands even with therapy. Since his whole life was was his work, he worked harder and harder trying to fix them. He was close to giving up when he heard of a special treatment that could make his hands work again. The treatment involved believing in something and having to feel the energy. Doctor Strange was hesitant at first because he didn’t believe in the treatment until he listened to The Ancient One.

“Doctor Strange” has magnificently produced scenes that you will really appreciate. The way each of the scenes had lots of detail especially the action scenes. This is one of the movies where you don’t want to blink or look away from the scene because it really captures your attention. My favorite scene is when Doctor Strange doesn’t believe in the method, so The Ancient One shows him and he goes through many illusions. “Doctor Strange’s” scenes have little details you have to really look at to fully appreciate.

“Doctor Strange” is one of the best movies and my choice for movie of the year. With the not usual Marvel movie, it shows you how amazing Marvel is even with the new approach. The really good character development of Doctor Strange. My favorite part of the whole movie is the beautiful made scenes. “Doctor Strange” is a movie that I highly recommend. 

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