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November 18, 2016
By tombrady BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
tombrady BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
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For the most part, I have loved Marvel movies, they have always been very well produced and have amazing casts. Saying that, this film did not disappoint at all. It was great to see Spider Man and Ant Man and Black Panther in this movie since you don’t usually get to see them in Captain America movies. I must admit that I have no clue why the name of this film is Captain America: Civil War. Yes, the main character is Captain America, but I think Iron Man plays just as big of a role as he does. I think Civil War, or Avengers Civil War would have better described the movie.

Captain America: Civil War, was a very good film. The main idea of the film was that the Avengers teamed up to catch one man, but they ended up killing innocent people in the accident, causing the  Avengers to divide. Captain America wants to keep fighting crime and “do good” without the government controlling him, but Iron Man wants to hang low for a little while to try to regroup. Not only does the group split, they battle throughout the film trying to stop each other.

The cast was the usual Avengers cast so obviously it was a excellent team to portray the roles of the superheros. I usually enjoy watching Iron Man, but in this film I felt that he was not my favorite character.  I felt myself rooting for Captain America when the two sides were clashing. I believe the film was very good overall, but there are definitely some things that could have been fixed. The fight scene between Captain America and Iron Man at the end of the film lasted ten times longer than it should have, and if you have seen any other Avengers movies you know seeing Iron Man's parents being killed is a very familiar sight. So guess what they did, they added it in again…. Overall I believe that was not needed even for a first time viewer as you catch on very quickly
I think the best part of the movie was, without a doubt, seeing the Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman, which is a fairly new sight to the Marvel Movies. The Black Panther has only been seen in one other Marvel Movie,  this was a cool thing. Captain America: Civil War was definitely very good for its music soundtrack. Great choices of the dramatic to  almost “badass’ songs throughout the movie. And getting to final things, I believe this could be a family movie if you wanted it to be. There is some harsh language, but if it is a older family it would definitely be fine. For any teen wanting to watch a superhero movie, this is clearly a good choice.

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