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Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Normally you would think that beasts are big and scary, but Fantastic Beasts teaches you that humans are the real beasts. If you're looking for a tall tale about beasts hiding under your bed and your closet than this is not the story for you. This peculiar story foretells the unknown secrets of the Wizardry Universe. J.K Rowling cleverly constructed a well told story starring Eddie Redmayne playing as the main character Newt Scamander who studies the fantastic beats. The biggest complication throughout the story is Newt Scamander trying to convince the Wizardry Court that Fantastic beasts shouldn’t be feared, but the Wizardry Court is skeptical of what Newt believes.

Fantastic Beasts is different from other movies, instead beasts are the real hero of this movie.  It’s based in the Harry Potter universe except, wizards are living in the real world. The thing about the real world, is that the biggest beats of all live there, muggles. Muggles are humans, they are afraid of beasts, but the the big twist is the beasts are afraid of them too. 

Usually I’m not much for movies that portray beats as the heros, but J.K Rowling appeals this story to all her audiences. One of the things that J.K Rowling does well is providing her audience with something different and creative. I like to flow more towards realistics things but David Yates director of Fantastic Beasts and all of the Harry Potter movies definitely made me feel like I was apart of the story. 

If you like un original movies that are different from all the others then you should you go see Fantastic Beasts (coming out November 17)

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