Forrest Gump

November 17, 2016

Life is unpredictable, like a  rollercoaster racing through the dark. Every moment, bumps  occur in life that are unexpected, but whenever there is darkness, there is light.

Forrest Gump is an award winning movie directed by Robert Zemeckis following the life of Forrest Gump acted by Tom Hanks.

The film begins with simply Gump who is sitting at a bus stop. He initiates awkward conversation to a woman beside him revealing his mental disability and then proceeds to tell his life story.

As a child, we first see Forest as a skinny kid getting fitted for leg braces with his doctor and mother, signaling the absence of a father figure. On his first day of school, he meets a girl named Jenny who is beautiful, intelligent and caring that allows Forrest to forget his hardships. In an important scene, 3 kids chase him and while running away, his braces slowly break off allowing Forrest to be free and where the famous quote “Run Forrest, Run!” yelled by Jenny originates.

Throughout the film, we see Forrest achieve remarkable feats where no one expects it is possible for him to accomplish. The movie is a rollercoaster full of emotions where Forrest constantly experiences the “highs” and “lows” of life.

The portrayal of Jenny and Forrest’s relationship further expresses the remarkable writing of the movie. Their love is so abnormal as for Jenny continuously returns to Forrest during difficult times to regroup and move on. The audience knows boths connection with each other are strong, but Jenny holds back since she believes her destiny does not lie within Forrest resulting in her suddenly abandoning her lover.

A big theme is overcoming adversity. Each character faces adversity and eventually, finds the light after being in the darkness. Their perseverance delivers a heartwarming message to the viewers to never give in to self doubt since you might be near the light.

Everyone should watch this masterpiece since everyone has faced adversity which is the beauty of the film since anyone can relate to this movie. My English teacher, Mr. Zakian, once said that every 5 years, you should watch Forrest Gump because your perspective changes since you experience similar situations as you age. The movie portrays Forrest as an underdog and flows perfectly throughout his life.

Forrest Gump is easily my favorite movie and has won the hearts of millions of people.

Life is an extraordinary gift where it can lead to incredible situations and by putting yourself out there in the world, something special can be created.

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