The Blind Side

A touching film that makes us reconsider our own issues of class, race and family. The Blind Side directed by John Lee Hancock is a true story of Michael Oher. Oher is a homeless teenager who is able to overcome tremendous obstacles in order to fulfill his dreams of becoming a football player in the NFL. Michael Oher had a rough childhood, his father wasn’t in the picture and his mother was addicted to drugs.

That was all until Leigh Anne Tuohy (played by Sandra Bullock) finds him walking aimlessly in the rain, like an overgrown moose: gigantic, lost and impossible to miss. Her big hearted tendencies immediately kick in as she invites him into her home for a night which turns into a permanent living situation. Once Michael is in the Tuohy home, a close relationship between him and the Tuohys form. The mother- Leigh Anne - soon makes it her personal mission to make sure Oher has everything he needs, emotionally and academically to graduate from high school and get admitted into Ole Miss.   

This movie is bound to take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Although the movie starts off a bit slower, the heart warming story will surely take an emotional toll on you in the best of ways. I dare you to sit through the entire film and not get chills when the screen fades to black. Once those credits start rolling, you’ll realize what a major sentimental impact the film had on you. 

Michael could have just been another statistic-a life wasted, on the cruel city streets- had he not chosen to present himself with a teddy bear like personality which I admire. When Michael was a baby, his mother always told him to shut his eyes when anything bad was happening. She would tell him, “The past is gone, the world is a good place, it's all going to be okay.” Throughout the movie, he held on tight to that odd fairy tale, shutting his eyes completely to his painful past and allowing himself to accept both the present and the future with a level of clearness.

If you like a tale of overcoming major obstacles by banding together. Recovering from having nothing, to having everything. The Blind Side is the one for you. The detailed life of surviving and succeeding following a life of hardships is sure to play with your heart strings on many levels.   

Michaels life had been a series of obstacles, any one of them would have derailed a less spirited person. Yet there he stood, still fighting, smiling and pulling for his future. He was born into poverty, yet he still believed himself equal to any other. He escaped the anger and bitterness that could have consumed him, leaving him to be an inspiration - not another statistic.

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