Shut In

November 17, 2016
By padrevic BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
padrevic BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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If you’re into horror/thriller movies and then you’ve probably heard of the movie “shut in” which just came out in theaters.  It’s not your typical gory movie. 

As someone who really loves horror movies, I would say that this movie wasn’t the best. Movies that have a lot of jump scares are the types of horror movies I enjoy. “Shut in” stars English actress Naomi Ellen Watts, Canadian child actor Jacob Tremblay, English actor Charlie Heaton, and many more. These 3 people have been in a couple popular shows/movies.

The movie starts out with Mary (Naomi Watts) sending her son Stephen (Charlie Heaton) away with his dad. As they’re both leaving the dad starts talking to Stephen and he doesn’t want to talk about anything. He starts yelling at his dad and starts moving the steering wheel. They’re both unaware of the car in front of them and then crash into the car. The dad ends up dying but Stephen doesn’t, he makes out alive and paralyzed.

Stephens paralyzed and has to go back home with his mom has to take care of him and do mostly everything for him because he can’t move. The movie goes on and Mary has to do the same routine with her son everyday. Mary is a psychologist who helps other people. At one point she wants to keep helping and adopt one of her young patients (Jacob Tremblay). Stephen starts to notice this and starts walking again. What no one knew was that Stephen knew how to walk all along, he was only doing this so that the mom would give him attention. After his mom finds out Stephen tries to get rid of the kid so that his mom only gives attention to him. At the end the mom ends up hurting Stephen because of the way he’s been acting towards her and the little kid. She ends up killing him because he tried drowning the little kid.

Overall this movie wasn’t good and I wouldn’t recommend you to watch this movie. There were good actors in this but the movie wasn’t so good.

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