November 17, 2016
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Nerve directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost is a compilation of thrilling, death defying, teenage fantasies. It will leave you wanting to scream and cry for joy, fear, and sadness. This film is about a shy young girl named Vee Delmonico played by Emma Roberts, who is pressured by her wild friends to be more outgoing. She joins a popular dare website called Nerve, where players can play to watch or get payed to complete dares. She meets new players along the way such as a young man named Ian played by Dave Franco as they are unwillingly forced to complete increasingly dangerous stunts. As the game takes a dark turn they are forced to make decisions that will determine the rest of her life.

This movie was an adrenaline pumping and exciting film with brilliant actors and actresses. Dave franco and Emma roberts play the two young players who have a spark of romance between them. Their chemistry is electrifying and you can feel their connection through the screen. Both amazing actors portray their character exceptionally and fulfil their role perfectly. Although some may say this movie is unrealistic, the thought of putting yourself in the body shaking, terrifying situations is enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen. Also even though one might find the storyline confusing, which it can be, the thought of “What just happened” and then figuring it all out, is all the fun.

The electrifying soundtrack accompanies the adventurous scenes in harmony with the heart pounding and heart throbbing moments. The music perfectly supplements each event truly setting the scene for the audience. I must add, even after seeing this movie this soundtrack was what was playing on my phone for the majority of my summer. The visually dynamic film captivated the audience with bright neon colors contrasting from the green street lit tint of darkness. Neon bright colors are highlighted amongst the dark and cold city, making the audience feel as if they were walking down a city street themselves.

Every aspect of this film was well thought out and placed together, and will leave you never wanting to shut your eyes for one second. Although this movie was targeted more to teenagers, this isn't your average romantic cliche and I think that all audiences will enjoy. If you are interested in fast paced, non-stop energy right in front of your eyes, this movie must be added to your watch list.

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