November 17, 2016
By erunn BRONZE, Stratham, New Hampshire
erunn BRONZE, Stratham, New Hampshire
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A modern take on the classic fairy tale of Rapunzel by the Grimm brothers. Having been sequestered in a remote tower for all of her life, Rapunzel desperately wants to see the mysterious floating lights, that appear every year on her birthday, firsthand. Going against Mother Gothel’s wishes, Rapunzel enlists the help of Flynn Rider, a wanted criminal of the crown, after he breaks into her tower. In exchange for him taking her to see the lights, she will return his precious satchel to him containing his most recent stolen treasures of a heist. Together the two of them embark upon an action packed, thrilling adventure that is way more than Rapunzel bargained for by leaving the seclusion of her tower.

 Disney does an amazing job of bringing this iconic story to life with incredible animation of the landscape and scenery, chock full of detail. One of the most significant images being the floating lanterns lighting up the night sky and reflecting onto the water below. Rapunzel’s hair changing from blonde to having a golden glow adds a majestic, ethereal quality to the already lovable, optimistic girl.

 The musical soundtrack of this movie gives the viewers insight to the characters’ personalities and innermost desires. “When Will My Life Begin” and “I Have A Dream” reveal insightful tidbits to Rapunzel’s one wish to see the world. “I Have A Dream” also starts to provide us with some of the backstory to Flynn Rider, a charismatic and mysterious stranger. He gets roped into helping Rapunzel mostly against his will, except he does come to develop feelings for her later on. 

The cast, with Mandy Moore as the voice of Rapunzel and Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider, embody their roles well. Mandy Moore adds a certain charm and hopefulness to Rapunzel. Zachary Levi as Flynn balances this out with his character’s lost sense of faith in the world using sarcasm and witty remarks as a shield for expressing his true emotions.

 Tangled is a great movie to watch with as a family, but parents should note that Mother Gothel and the two henchmen could be slightly frightening for kids under a certain age. For the most part, these characters are pretty tame but they do have ulterior motives of their own. Just be aware of this fact since some may be more sensitive than others.

 All of these elements together combine to create a spectacular film full of wistfulness, romance, action, adventure, danger, and comedy that can be loved by people of all ages.

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