The Nightmare Before Christmas

November 16, 2016
By , wilmington, DE

Tim Burton's “The Nightmare Before Christmas” , released in 1993 , follows the same features of his past movies Peewee, Batman, Beetlejuice, and Jack Skellington a Misguided Hero. Jack Skellington is a friendly corpse. He has a misshapen egg head with eyes that are dark black soulless holes. His mouth is stitched along his lips. Also he wears a long black and white tuxedo.

Jack lives in Halloween Town with all the other creepy monsters. Halloween is their night so everyday they plan for the next halloween to be as scary as possible. Jack feels a desire to improve himself as the pumpkin king. He decides to do a different and more important holiday, one that everyone would take more seriously and enjoy more. While he is in the woods he comes across the holiday doors and he gets inspired by Christmas Town.

The movie is rated PG probably, because some of the halloween creatures might be too scary for smaller children. Some parents would probably be alarmed over the films dark mischief. Jack terrifies children with disturbing presents such as a severed head and a snake that consumes christmas trees. Also there are scary characters, some even take their heads and limbs of . Older kids  ,i think , would enjoy this movie more. I found the movie to be entertaining the whole way through.

The  movie has many eye catching moments. It’s also appealing to the ears. The movie has a handful of amusing songs that helps bring the movie together. It also gives the viewers different messages that are good in life. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t give up even if things get hard are some examples. I also like how the movies ending doesn’t leave you on the edge of your seat wondering if there will be a sequel. The movie has a solid satisfying ending.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a story in which the spirit of christmas finally succeeds over halloween. Yet it's clear that Burton’s commitment will always be with the ghouls, not the goody-goodies. It's not any wonder this nightmare never comes together. He couldn’t make up his mind about whether to be naughty or nice.

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