Halloween Remake

November 16, 2016

Halloween is a horror movie that is part of a long series that consists of 10 movies this one being number 9. This is suppose to be the remake of the first movie made in 2007, it's rated R and is 2h1m long. The cast of the movie consists of 38 individuals with main roles and or small roles, the rest of the people that you see in there were just place to seem like civilians and other forms of acting. The remake was directed by Rob Zombie who decide to recreate the old version and imply new and modern ways of our lifestyle. This remake was produced Malek Akkad, Andy Gould and again Rob Zombie.

The starring cast will also be named but just by their names not their role, Malcom Mcdowell, Sheri Moon Zombie, Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor- Compton, Brad Dourif, Danielle Harris and William Forsythe they all have similar role importance but the main man was portrayed by Tyler Mane, that was who was creating mischief and chaos throughout the movie. The movies release was in August 31, 2007 and movie and effects wise was produced by Dimension films. The main director the person who worked the most on the movie was Rob Zombie and, he is a musician, singer, songwriter, screenwriter, film director, film producer, programmer, and record producer. He has directed mostly horror movies like werewolf: women of S.S also in 2007, Devil's rejects as well but he is mostly known for his remakes and new halloween Michael Myers movies.

Personally I enjoyed the movie because it gave a good look at Michael Myers emotional childhood and then worked the story up giving it suspense to try to figure out what he would do next. There was a quote in the movie that really printed out a picture of how Michael Myers is it's “these eyes will destroy you. They will take from you your innocence, your pride, and eventually your soul. These eyes do not see what you and I see. Behind these eyes one only finds blackness, the absence of light, these are of a psychopath”, by Dr. Samuel Loomis (Michael John Taylor), he describes a picture of a young Michael Myers in black and white. This was when he got sent to the asylum for killing his family. Dr. Samuel sees nothing but evil in Michael even in his childhood days.

The background of the movie is a house where a young kid named Michael Myers lived in. He lived with his mom, dad, baby sister, and 19 year old sister. The start of all of this craziness was the fact that Michael was a victim of name calling and bullying this happened in school and even in his own house by his older sister. He was angry in the inside because of all of that and could not control his anger, episodes of rage sprouted out of nowhere causing him to get punishments from his parents. He also killed animals as a form of anti stressor and crucified the bodies of the poor animals mostly rodents like squirrels and rats. His parents tried to help him but it really didn't work out as the wanted to though.

On going recap- basically Micheal Myers decided to kill his family on halloween just for malicious intent, the only people that Michael left to live was his baby sister and his mother that was not there at the time. He then turned himself in, he got sent to an insane asylum for life there he would make masks to cover his face because he thought that he was a monster and a disgrace, his mom visited him here and there, but one day Michael spazzed out and killed a nurse that took care of her with a plastic fork, the mom found out and committed suicide, the baby sister got adopted. As an adult Michael Myers decides to escape when he easily escapes he decides to go back to his old neighborhood for his baby sister now a teenager and kills everyone in his way. Now the reason why I liked the movie was because it showed the emotions that Michael Myers went through as a child getting bullied and getting assaulted by kids everyday, as well as the time when he goes back for his sister really just to unify himself with her, it's really interesting and makes you get clicked into the movie more.

I do enjoy the movie very much it is a very scary movie when watched at night. You feel like a part of the movie in some way as well that is an up to the movie. I liked the movie and being a fan of the halloween franchise i can say that this remake was very well done. Once you see this movie you will automatically be into it. Finally it's a very good movie and i would really recommend this movie to all of the horror fanatics and people who like slasher horror movies I really recommend watching it.

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