The Cobbler

November 16, 2016
By , wilmington, DE

The Cobbler is an entertaining and unique movie filled with magic realism. This story reads like an adult fairy tale and has a twist ending. “I can be anybody I want,” the cobbler, played by Adam Sandler, says after he discovers a magical heirloom that helps him transform himself.  He is bored with his every-day life and this tool allows him to become other people and see the world in a different way.


Adam Sandler is the main reason I watched this movie. He is best known for his comedic roles, starring in such movies as The Waterboy and Grownups. This movie, however, is a comedy drama. The plot has continuous twists and turns as he moves in and out of different lives. There is intrigue, too. The humor is light but well placed. The Cobbler keeps you wondering what will happen next.

The Cobbler starts off slowly with a scene of Jewish ancestral cobblers with their craft speaking Yiddish to each other. Cobbling is the craft of repairing shoes. The setting changes to modern day in the family cobbler shop with Max Simkin, played by Adam Sandler. He has a very simple operation and a simple, uneventful life until one day when his regular cobbling machine breaks. He has a deadline for some shoe repair demanded by Leon Ludlow played by Method Man. He discovers something in the basement of the shop that will set his world on edge.
All of a sudden Simkin has the opportunity to become other people in a relatively easy way. He soon gets caught up in illegal activities. The climax of the movie builds suspense towards trying to right the wrongs that were committed and Max Simkin is creative in how he resolves the situation.

While the story is not laugh out loud funny like most of Adam Sandler movies; it does have suspenseful drama. It holds secrets and provides an entertaining and parable-like story for all ages. The Cobbler is a creative endeavor that I have added to my Sandler movie collection. I consider it to be in the top favorites.

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