Dead Poets Society

November 16, 2016

Dead Poets Society- A movie that could almost seem like non-fiction - is a beautiful piece of filming that captures and tells the stories in depth of a group of teens in the 1950 at Welton Prep School that’s boys only.   One of the stars in the movie being Robin Williams himself as he plays as one of the school’s new English teachers.  Though his way of teaching is not like that of any other teacher during that time period.

This isn’t in anyway an action movie, or a fast paced movie.  It’s a slow in depth emotional story of how these teens find out the secrets of their new English teacher and how he once was the leader of The Dead Poets Society.  In which the group would meet out late in a hut in the woods in where they would read  poetry and the words would just drip from their tongues.  The school was but all too conservative to allow for poetry like this.  At the beginning of the movie Robin Williams orders his students to tear out the first pages of the book saying what poetry is supposed to be and lets the young boys discover what it actually is. 

Throughout the movie the emotional level seems to rise.  You are now attached to the characters, you know their background and what their desires are.  One of the young boys originally ordered to become a doctor by his father wants to pursue the life of acting.  His father won’t allow it however and he has to forge his father’s signature to be in the play.  I can say right now that this movie was almost like reading a book, and I bet if there was a book it would be one of the best books written in history.  The acting and scripting and scenarios and humor from Robin Williams captures you and brings you in.

Though as the movie progresses, the boys get into trouble, the Dead Poets Society is dead for an obvious reason, and when the dean finds out about it, things go to hell quickly.  And it isn’t any better when the boy's father finds out he went against his word and participated in the play anyway. 

This isn’t your cliche detention movie where the bully gets in trouble and stays after school.  This is the heartbreaking movie of seeing what society was like back then and how your parents controlled your future.  This isn’t like any other movie you’ll ever see.  Robin Williams does it again as he will bring tears of sadness and joy to you once more in this epic production.

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